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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a very common disorder in our modern society, most people throughout life will suffer either an episode or ongoing low back pain. It can be very debilitating and have a large affect on a persons life from restricting activities, to affecting the work place, or home life. Chiropractic may provide effective relief for low back pain as we focus on the spine and nervous system. While there are many causes for low back pain, once a consultation and examination has been conducted and other likely causes have been excluded we can be confident to help you.

Neck Pain

A lot of people in our modern-day society experience neck pain, neck stiffness, shoulder pain or pain between the shoulder blades, even lost movement in the neck. Our society has developed to adopt postures and activities that we weren’t designed for like sitting at a computer desk, looking down at smart phones or worse still whiplash injuries. Neck pain is not only a pain in the neck but It can affect your sleep, your mood, your work, your concentration and even lead to headaches. There are many causes of neck pain, if it is mechanical in origin, relating to your nerves, joints, muscle or posture then we may be able to help.

Spinal Arthritis

Arthritis is a common health disorder, whether it be in your hands, your knees or your spine. While we don’t treat or cure arthritis, we help manage the effects of spinal arthritis like stiffness and altered biomechanics which can lead to spinal related pain disorders.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be anywhere from the base of your neck, the shoulder, to the tip of your shoulder or on the back of your shoulder above your shoulder blade. For this reason there are many causes of shoulder pain, whether it relate to the neck, posture, the shoulder joint, ligaments, bursae or muscle. Depending on the underlying cause or diagnosis, we may be able to help your shoulder get better.


Headaches are no fun at all, they can cause you to lose concentration, lose sleep, and lose your temper. They can be anywhere from mild to debilitating, they can be dull, sharp, achey, or throbbing. They can even cause you to feel nauseous, vomit or change your vision. Headaches can be caused from the neck: joints, nerves, posture and muscles or stress, bleeds, hormones or tumours just to name a few. While it is rare they are a sinister, its best to have a consultation and examination to see if we can help your headaches.


Migraines are a type of headache, often patients report throbbing, pulsing pain that makes them want to lock themselves into a dark room. Even worse you can experience numbness, pins and needles, zig zagging lines in your vision, nausea and vomiting. Patients also report they are washed out for the day or two after a migraine. We may be able to help migraine headache if there is irritation to the upper neck nerves or joints.

Proactive Healthcare

Our society has been built around the quick fix and the no symptom no problem philosophy. As Chiropractors we think differently and look forward to helping patients not only feel better but be healthier. We do this by incorporating nutritional advice, exercise advice, and advice on daily living into our management of your case.

Arm Pain - Numbness

Arm pain can present anywhere from the top of your shoulder to the tip of your finger, same goes for numbness. The wide area in which you may feel the pain affects the likely cause, from the neck; joints, muscle, nerve or posture. To the shoulder joints, muscles and nerves to the elbow to the wrist. Of course, you are allowed to have more than one thing wrong with you. I pride myself in detailed examination to uncover the likely cause of your pain or numbness.


Sciatica in the true sense is pain in the back of the  leg that extends below the knee. While patients can sometimes confuse this with hip pain, thigh pain or buttock pain it can have a huge effect on your life. Sciatica has many causes from disc lesions, joint and nerve irritation, muscle irritating nerve or a combination of all of these.

Hip Pain

Hip Pain – Hip pain can be a real pain in the butt ? pardon the pun but hip pain can affect you in many movements of daily living like getting up out of a chair, bending over, kneeling, squatting down and the like. Hip pain can be related to the joints of the pelvis, nerves of the pelvis, muscle and ligaments. These are things we may be able to help, of course there are other causes that need to be excluded.


A whiplash injury even when minor and low speed can have a big effect on someone, from chronic daily neck pain, headaches and back pain to stress and anxiety. A percentage of patients don’t respond well to traditional conservative management, this is where we may be able to help with different perspectives relating to posture and spine mechanics.

Disc Bulge

Everyone has heard the age ole I’ve slipped a disc, but what does that really mean? Disc problems can vary from a slight bulge, to a protrusion to a sequestration. All of these terms describe the disc material entering the nerve or spinal cord canal, in different ways, which have different clinical outcomes. Patients can experience severe, extreme pain, numbness, tingling, change in bowel or bladder function. Conservative management can be effective for the right cases, rest assured you will be directed to the right treatment.


Dr Michael has interest in Scoliosis, there are many causes of scoliosis and many approaches which may help reduce the symptoms, potential progression or improve scoliotic deformity conservatively. He provides care with Chiropractic Biophysics, Dennerol Spinal orthotics, Exercise and works closely with Scolicare to provide the best way forward for each case which may include referral.

scoliosis 2

Posture and Spinal Rehabilitation

Dr Michael finds particular interest in posture and spinal rehabilitation which tends to improve the shape of the spine and posture over time to provide long term outcomes. Below are some examples of exercise and traction.

dennerol table

Nerve Pain

Patients can experience this with sharp, shooting, or burning pain which can affect you in many regions of the body. From the head, neck, shoulders, back, low back, hip and leg. The importance in this scenario is to understand the cause of the nerve pain, Chiropractors focus in part on the function of the nervous system and are well positioned to help patients with nerve pain.

Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain- when you experience muscle pain it can be from an injury or over use where the muscle feels strained or from more chronic exacerbation it may feel achey, stiff or restricted. How do you know if it is muscle or nerve? Best to have an examination by a Chiropractor to help distinguish between the two or if there is more than one problem and the likely primary problem.

This page is designed to help you understand conditions, injuries and approaches to care that Dr Michael may be able to help you with. Note this is no guarantee of outcome, nor that Chiropractic can help as individuals respond differently. The only way to understand if it is likely he can help is a consultation and examination.

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